We're changing the way people learn.

Learning shouldn't be a chore. We're taking that statement to heart and using the power of AI to turn education into an engaging, interactive, and downright fun experience. With our tech, every study session is a journey into a world where subjects come to life, problems feel like puzzles, and progress is at your fingertips. It's not just about memorizing facts - it's about understanding, engaging, and ultimately loving the learning process. So, gear up for an educational adventure. Trust us; it's going to be epic.

Our mission

We leverage technology to guide, optimize, and adapt the essence of education, allowing our users to harness the power of a personalized tutor in their pocket.

As students who took many AP classes in high school, we realized it was often challenging to learn the material and study for the exam. Our classes often had 30+ students, making it hard to get in-depth, instant feedback. Essay questions make up a large part of AP exams, and they are difficult to practice because teachers often do not have time to continually grade student essays that are not a part of daily classwork. For many of these courses knowing the content is only half of the challenge; understanding the proper structure for essays is necessary for success on the exam. We founded DeAP Learning Labs to increase access to valuable resources, relieve study stress, and help all students grow.

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Our values

We're all about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and thinking outside the box. To transform education, we must constantly evolve, adapt, and create. We keep DeAP at the forefront of educational advancement by embracing new technologies and approaches.
We want our tools to be accessible to students all around the world. We believe regardless of your background, everyone should be able to learn in a way that is meaningful to them.
We understand that everyone learns differently, and that's why we're committed to making learning personal. Our AI technology is designed to adapt to each student's individual learning style, making the educational experience more engaging, effective, and enjoyable.